French Restaurants


Parisian mainstay of French haute cuisine, L'Ambroisie is a 3 star Guide Michelin restaurant that lies in the heart of the Marais, Paris' historical district, at 9 Place des Vosges. The cuisine of Bernard and Mathieu Pacaud is classical, sophisticated and seasonal, composing together "an ode to exceptional products".

Address: 9 Place des Vosges, 75004 Paris
☎ +33 (0)1 42 78 51 45
Opening hours:
Closed on Sunday & Monday
Tue - Sat: 12pm to 1:15pm, 8pm to 10pm 

Qui plume la lune

This restaurant, located at the heart of the Bastille locality, welcomes you in a stylish, romantic and elegant décor. The Chef, Jacky Ribault, invites you to discover his gourmet cuisine, prepared with sincerity and passion, a real journey through French tradition with a touch of Japanese influences.

Address: 50 Rue Amelot, 75011 Paris
☎ +33 (0)1 48 07 45 48
Opening hours:

Wed - Sat: 12pm to 3pm, 7pm to 11pm
Closed on Sun, Mon & Tue


This neo-bistro with finely modern and sober decor transforms raw products into masterpieces. It’s the gourmet address of the who's-who in Paris and that everyone is talking about.

Address: 80 Rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris
☎ +33 (0)1 43 67 38 29
Opening hours

Mon: 7:30pm to 10pm
Tue - Fri: 12:15pm to 2pm, 7:30pm to 10pm
Closed on Sat & Sun


From the outside, this little address near Bastille appears quite unassuming. Nothing but the name L’Amarante and the words ‘Cuisine de France’ are printed on the glass. But once inside the menu tells another story.

Address: 4 Rue Biscornet, 75012 Paris
☎ +33 (0)9 50 80 93 80
Opening hours:

Mon, Tue, Fri to Sun: 12:30pm to 2pm, 7:30pm to 10pm
Closed on Wed & Thu


Le Servan is the “canteen” of the 11th district chosen “best bistrot” by the culinary guide “Le Fooding” 2015. The space is both raw and refined, the cooking both adventurous and classical, a cross between French recipe’s and the Asian touch of the young Chef Tatatiana Levha (ex- Arpège & Astrance) of Philippine origin.

Address: 32 Rue Saint-Maur, 75011 Paris
☎ +33 (0)1 55 28 51 82
Opening hours:

Tue - Fri: 12pm to 2 pm, 7:30pm to 10:30pm
Mon 7:30pm to 10:30pm
Closed on Sat & Sun

Les Déserteurs

At les Déserteurs the food here really is excellent. The restaurant of the rue Trousseau shapes each one of its dishes with simple ingredients, craftily prepared, surprise with subtle, exotic influences (taken as much from Asian as from Breton cooking).

Address: 46 Rue Trousseau, 75011 Paris
☎ +33 (0)1 48 06 95 85
Opening hours:
Wed - Sat: 12:15pm to 2 pm, 7:30pm to 10pm
Tue 19h30 – 22h
Closed on Sun & Mon

Pierre-Sang in Oberkampf

Pierre-Sang surrounded himself with team of young, motivated and professional team, that shares his » culinary philosophy » : Cuisine as a window to the world. Together they wish to share their know-how and passion for flavors.

Share good times, good wines and good dishes!

Address: 55 Rue Oberkampf, 75011 Paris
☎ +33 (0)9 67 31 96 80
Opening hours:

Everyday from 12pm to 3pm - 7pm to 11pm

Eat Intuition

A Soft atmosphere, an open Kitchen, walls filled with drawings and paintings that vary with each new exposition.The menu declines with the seasons and changes twice a month. The dishes are real pieces of art that sublimate each product.

Address: 53 Rue de Charenton, 75012 Paris
☎ +33 (0)1 43 46 12 94
Opening hours:

Lunch everyday except on Wed: 12pm to 2pm
Dinner everyday except on Sun: 8pm to 10pm
Closed on Mon & Tue

La Cave de l'insolite

With its uplifting fireplace, warm service, admirable wines and the quality of its products this address is worth the detour. Excellent Sunday brunch.

Address: 30 Rue de la Folie Méricourt, 75011 Paris
☎ +33 (0)1 53 36 08 33
Opening hours:

Closed on Monday
Every day: 12pm to 2:30pm, 7:30pm to 10:30pm

Maison Plisson

A new type of grocery store. In the heart of Le Marais, are gathered the best foods around an interspace of 500m2: Market, wine cellar, fresh bakeries, butcher, cheeses, deli , a restaurant and take away.

Address: 93 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris
☎ +33 (0)1 71 18 19 09
Opening hours: 8:30am – 9pm

Le Siffleur de Ballons

The Siffleur de Ballons offers a very pleasant setting, without pomp & circumstance and keeping to the essential. The wines, like the atmosphere, are natural the food is simply prepared with excellent products that will know how to arouse your taste buds.

Address: 34 Rue de Cîteaux, 75012 Paris
☎ +33 (0)1 58 51 14 04
Opening hours

Mon - Fri 10:30am to 3pm, 5:30pm to 11pm
Sat 10h30 – 23h
Closed on Sun & Mon

Mary Celeste

The Mary Celeste is a trendy cocktail bar of le Marais which offers seasonal tapas in a sober and friendly universe.

Address: 1 Rue Commines, 75003 Paris
Opening hours: 6pm to 2am 

Le Barav'

Le Barav' is a wine bar which offers a wide range of French wines from small manufacturers, accompanies by a selection of cheese and french charcuterie. Enjoy!

Address: 6 rue Charles François Dupuis, 75003 Paris
☎ +33 (0)1 48 04 57 59

Opening hours:
From Monday to Friday: 12pm to 3pm - 6pm to 12:30am
Saturday from 6pm to 12:30am

Robert et Louise

Come enjoy an excellent piece of meat from the butcher cooked over a wood fire in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere.

Address: 64 Rue Vieille du Temple, 75003 Paris
☎ +33 (0)1 42 78 55 89
Opening hours:

From Thursday to Saturday: 12pm to 3pm - 7pm to 11pm
Sunday from 12pm to 11pm
Tuesday - Wednesday from 7pm to 11pm

Chez Nenesse

Typical animated parisian bistro at noon, sophisticated gastronomic restaurant at night, Chez Nenesse mixes two different atmospheres to perfection!

Address: 17 Rue de Saintonge, 75003 Paris
☎ +33 (0)1 42 78 46 49
Opening hours:
From Monday to Friday: 12pm to 2:30pm - 8pm to 10:15pm